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    “The Yoga Trapeze is amazing.”

    Like many others, I started yoga as a treatment for a back injury and fell in love with it. When I moved to another town, I continued classes but really missed hanging upside down. So I just had to have the Yoga Trapeze. I use it whenever my back becomes too painful to enjoy life.

    – Heather

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    “I highly recommend the Yoga Trapeze.”

    This product is really well made and worth the cost. It is not only fun to use but very safe and effective to go deep into an asana. I highly recommend it.

    – Stephen Jen

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    “I can’t describe how happy I am about my trapeze.”

    My Yoga Trapeze is here! Thanks for your invention, dedication, and passion for yoga, Lucas! This trapeze is going to rock my world, my back, and my body… I don’t have the words to describe how happy I am about my trapeze.

    – Julian

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Reduce Pain

The Yoga Trapeze® is the most powerful at-home yoga inversion tool ever created. You can hang it outside from a tree, a beam, a bar, or a swing set. Setup is fast and simple, and results are immediate. Once you get inverted, the Yoga Trapeze will change your backbends forever—less pain and more flexibility with balanced upper body and core strength.

Yoga Trapeze Swing being used by woman in studio

Improve Flexibility

Flexibility reduces injury and chronic pain in the shoulders, back muscles, hips, and legs. Everyday routines, such as working at a computer all day, commuting, and carrying children can contribute to what we call a “locked up” spine. And a locked up spine is at least two to five times more injury-prone than a flexible one. In this way, mobility and flexibility are essential for long-term spinal health.

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    The abdominal muscles are actually spine support muscles, and a weak core means you’re at risk of injury. When you strengthen your core, you strengthen your spine—it’s that simple. Our Yoga Trapeze will facilitate improved strength.

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    The muscles supporting the spine can act like tight cables that cause stress and pain on your vertebrae. Both physical and emotional stress can also affect your upper back, neck, and shoulders. Our Yoga Trapeze Swing will decompress your spine and reduce both stress and pain throughout your body.

  • Yoga Swing Stretching lower body


    Our Yoga Trapeze is designed to help you improve overall movement, such as twisting, stretching, pushing, pulling, and bending backwards or forwards. This will help you avoid throwing out your back or pulling other muscles with simple movements, such as lifting a box or tying your shoes.

Yoga trapeze swing being used outdoors to stretch legs

Practice Anywhere!

  • Tie it to a tree branch
  • Sling it over an exposed beam (in a lofted room, patio or garage)
  • Hang it from gym equipment such as chin-up bar (easiest of all)

The Yoga Trapeze was made to be the fastest, & simplest yoga inversion tool to both set up and take down

Over 50,000 People Transformed

Flexibility Unleashed, Pain & Stress Released!

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