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Yoga Trapeze Basics
How to setup the Trapeze


The Yoga Trapeze is the most powerful, at home yoga inversion tool ever created. Hang it of a doorframe or from an exposed beam, bar, swing set, tree branch, the options are endless. Setup is fast and simple, results are immediate. The Yoga Trapeze will change your backbends for forever… less pain and more flexibility with balance upper body and core strength. How does it work? Here’s the truth: dozens of things cause back pain, but the physical reality is almost always the same. There is some form of compression, a squishing of the vertebrae into one another or a pinching of nerve. So you can massage, sauna, and medicate yourself to death—but nothing compares with the dead-simple treatment of traction!

Traction is a term used by orthopedic and chiropractic doctors to describe the any treatment that pulls or lengthens the spine apart (as opposed to squishing it together). Take a look at the illustration on this page. A healthy spine has full, firm, and resilient disk tissues that allow for complete range of motion. This is ideal. But after sitting all day in an office or car; after exercising and rotating the spine at only 20% of its full potential; and after years of poor posture caused by designer shoes; it’s very likely that some of your disks are not in great shape.

Video Tutorials
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